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S.A.F.E Project

Natalie, age 32

" I had left my abusive partner several years before I accessed the S.A.F.E Project. I spoke to a support worker who explained what support was available to me. I wanted to increase my confidence so chose to come to the programmes that the project run. The groups I joined were really friendly and everyone was really supportive" For more comments, please click here.

The S.A.F.E Project aims to provide women who have experienced domestic abuse increased access to information and support. Empowering women who have experienced domestic abuse to build social networks, increase confidence allowing them to feel less isolated. The project works closely with The R.I.S.E Project to increase access to child related support and activities for children from families that have experienced domestic abuse.

The project provides:

Life skills sessions such as The Freedom Programme, Recovery toolkit, Creative Sessions etc.

One to one support.



Some Statistics….

98% of women who attend the Recovery Tool Kit report that they felt confident in their ability to recognize their automatic negative thoughts and felt able to draw on positive coping strategies to overcome them.

95% of The Freedom Programme attendees felt confident that they could identify the early warning signs of abusive behaviour in order to break the cycle of embarking on a further abusive relationship.

96% of women who attend Life Skills sessions report increased feelings of self confidence

90% felt less isolated and safer upon completion of the project

86% report increased levels of self esteem

To get more information on how to access this service please call 01443 400791, Monday – Friday between 9am – 5pm.

Posted on: November 8, 2013

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