Support for women in refuge

A refuge provides a safe, secure and confidential environment for women and children fleeing domestic abuse. Although every woman in refuge have had very different experiences what unites everyone is a shared need to have somewhere safe to stay whilst fleeing domestic abuse. Read more

Our refuge accommodation

At Women's aid -RCT we offer a variety of temporary accommodation to support women and children fleeing domestic abuse. We recognise that everyone has different needs and that support sometime needs to be provided differently to achieve the best possible out comes for the individual. Read more

Support to improve your well-being

Domestic abuse can have a big impact on your mental health. Last year 65% of women who accessed refuge were experiencing mental ill health. There is support within refuge to assist you to improve your well-being. Read more

Support for children and young people in refuge

A dedicated team of ‘Children and Young People’ ( CYP ) development workers provide support to children and young people under the age of 19 living at our refuges. The aim of this unique service is to ensure that young people have access to support which is tailor-made to their very specific needs. Read more