Want to access support that meets your needs? Are you 50 +? Want to improve you emotional well-being? Then this projects for you. The project opens doors and offers the opportunity to reduce isolation, build confidence, regain your self-esteem and help you to become you again.

What the project provides

The project provides a welcoming environment, where you can meet and come together with other women to improve your confidence, self- esteem and well-being. Group learning and peer support sessions regularly take place and provide a great opportunity to meet new friends and reduce loneliness. The project is s safe place where you can surround yourself with other women who understand your situation and understand that sometimes it's not so easy and that it's okay to ask for help.


It is important to remember that abuse isn’t always about violence. Many, many women suffer emotional abuse which has an impact upon your well-being.

How we can help

The Athena Project  gives us the opportunity to look at your individual needs and offer support based on what is relevant for you. Obviously your safety is paramount and we will work on advising you accordingly but on a long-term basis, we do understand that your emotional well-being has probably been affected the most. By working together we can recognize the impact the abuse has had and together we can tackle the issues you are experiencing.

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Get involved

If you feel you could benefit from attending this project contact Rhyanne.

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