Body positive art project raises pounds in auction

Jul 18, 2022 | Latest News

At RCT domestic abuse services, we are fortunate to have many positive and talented volunteers. Recently, one of the volunteers Emma, undertook an art project focusing on positive body image to raise money for our charity. Emma says

“I recently, organised a silent auction which had an amazing turn out. My drawing received a bid of £130 all of which was donated to RCT domestic abuse services. I wanted to raise money for them to say thank you as they have done so much to help me.”

Read Emma’s story

Once upon a time there was a young girl who LOVED to draw. She would draw for hours becoming submerged in her own bubble, drawing made her forget everything that was going on in and around her life.

Unfortunately, that bubble was one day popped and doing the ONE thing she really loved just stopped. She had to face what was going on in the real world and realised that being in the real world was not much fun. People hurt you in the world, people leave you with scars in the real world and people can make you feel worthless.

After years of feeling like she was losing her mind, she knew she had to leave those bad people behind, she knew she deserved happiness. she knew she deserved so much more than what was being thrown her way. She knew she had to get out!

So she did. She found herself again, she found how to make herself happy and began to really smile again.

“This was my story and after many years I finally returned to drawing and fell in love with it over again. I have the right people in my life know who encourage me. My life now is so different and I get to show that through my artwork. The response I have had literally brings a lump to my throat. My aim is to help other women appreciate who they are and learn to love their bodies.


100% of all money donated will be used to support Those affected by domestic abuse in RCT.


Follow Emma on social media to see more of her work.

Instagram: emmasdooodles

Facebook:Emma’s doodles


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  1. Rhyanne

    Beautiful piece of work and money raised for a fantastic organisation.
    All the very best with everything Emma, well done x

    • Emma Daley

      Thank you! I’m just chuffed I was able to give back, if only a little bit ❤

  2. Tracy Mann

    Lovely art work, you have caught what women really look like. BEAUTIFUL.

    • Emma Daley

      Thank you so much. We need to start appreciating our squish!!!


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