Financial Abuse

This is a common technique used by an abusive partner to gain power and control within a relationship. It involves one person taking control over another’s finances which diminishes the persons ability to support themselves leaving the dependent on the perpetrator.

The following techniques may be used by an abusive partner to gain control

  • taking another persons money
  • Limiting the money available to them
  • preventing someone from getting or keeping a job
  • destroying possessions
  • refusing access to a bank account
  • running up debts in the victim’s name or forcing the victims to take out loans in their name
  • Not allowing someone money to buy essential items such as sufficient food
  • Forcing you to commit crimes for money

Financial abuse may continue after a relationship has ended, through the withholding of child maintenance.

We can help

If you think you are experiencing financial abuse we can help. Our team have experience of working with many women affected financial abuse and can provide practical tips and support. We can also offer you a safe place to stay in refuge if you are planning on leaving an abusive relationship


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