About the programme

The Hope 2 Recovery programme is a 6 week programme for any adult that is experiencing / has experienced domestic abuse and is on their first steps to recovery. 

The programme uses the principles of a trauma informed approach to enable participants to understand the dynamics of domestic abuse, how they have coped and understand how parenting can be affected. 

The benefits of the programme

  •  Helps participants to recognise coercive control and the dynamics of domestic abuse

  • Helps the individual understand how difficult it is to see what is happening when you are in an abusive relationship

  • Helps participants to understand their parenting abilities

  • Helps participants to proactively make actions plans towards abuse free lives

Aims of the programme for participants

The overall aims of the programme are to develop sufficient, safety, trust and motivation. Participants will;

  • Develop an understanding of the tactics perpetrators of domestic abuse and coercive control use

  • Develop a better understanding of the difference between healthy / unhealthy relationships

  • Develop a better understanding of their parenting role and the challenge of being a nurturing parent while in an abusive relationship

  •  Use this learning to make future life plans to be based on safety of themselves and their children.


As the course is delivered online, booking is essential. Call the team on 01443 400791 to book a space.