woman by window

I had been having difficulties with my son for many years but felt too ashamed to tell anyone, plus I didn’t want my son to get in trouble. One night he was shouting outside my front door and trying to get into the house and a neighbor called the Police. My son was taken away but I didn’t want to make a statement but I recognized I needed some support.

A few days later Rhyanne called me on the telephone and said she had received some information from the Police about the incident with my son. She listened to me whilst I explained what had happened. She said she understood that I loved my son but could see that I needed some support too. During the phone call I told Rhyanne things that I had never told anyone else and I felt so much better for it. We arranged to meet each other in person the following week. On the morning of the appointment I was so nervous and nearly cancelled it three times, but from the moment that I met Rhyanne I knew I had done the right thing in meeting her.

We talked about how my son’s behavior was effecting my emotional and physical well-being. A few years back my son had begun drinking heavily after losing his job. As he didn’t have much money I would give him money to buy food although looking back I think he probably used it to by alcohol. I love my son and didn’t mind giving him money even though it left me short and I would often not eat every day but I didn’t like how he would shout at me and until I gave him what he wanted. I was ashamed to say there were times when I was scared of my own son.

Over the past six months my relationship with my son has changed. I am no longer giving him money, instead I make meals for us both. If he shouts at me I ask him to leave my house if he doesn’t I ring the police, this has only happened twice. I no longer stay at home thinking he will break in.

Now I go out and attend the projects group sessions and have made friends with the wonderful women who also attend. We don’t often share our stories but we all know we have shared experiences. With the support from Rhyanne and my new friends at the project I feel stronger, I feel more relaxed and I am no longer scared. My son and I are trying to rebuild our relationship, some days are better than others but we are doing it in a safe way. I always know where to go to for help or a chat if I need to I feel like a different person, in the best way possible.