“I’m bored”

those two little words that often bring a sense of dread to millions of parents across the country, especially over the 6 week summer holidays. This feeling is amplified for those we support in our crisis accommodation. Leaving behind your home, family and friends and coming into refuge is difficult at any age. It is especially difficult for children who may not fully understand the reasons behind the need to leave their loved ones behind. Last year (2017-18), our organization supported over 113 children and young people in our crisis refuge accommodation. With a further 57 children and young people supported through our other community projects.

This year, thanks to ‘First Give’ who worked closely with two local comprehensive schools namely Ferndale Community School and Mountain Ash Comprehensive School we were able to alleviate the boredom of the children and young people we support. This was due to a massive fundraising effort from the pupils, supported by teaching staff who between them raised a total of £1500.

After speaking to a group of very excited children and young people it was decided that we would spend £700 on a summer trip to Noah’s ark farm in Bristol.

In total, 28 families including 18 children attended the trip in August. The group were blessed with lovely weather on the day which gave everyone the opportunity to picnic together at lunch time in between playing in the indoor and outdoor activity areas, meeting the animals and making new friends.

goat girl

This trip was an amazing opportunity for children to experience new activities and develop their skills and confidence in an unfamiliar environment. They got to meet other children who are in a similar situation to them and therefore did not feel different from their peers. It was also an opportunity for our mums to embrace their inner child and play alongside their children in a stress free environment.

The trip received a massive thumbs - up from our children and young people who were exhausted on the bus ride home.

I had a fantastic day and loved chasing my mam around the play area 

“Josh aged 8

My favorite part was seeing the tortoise, my mum said I can have one when we move to our new house” 

 Penny aged 5

With the remainder of the money we have purchased panic alarms for those we support. This will help women feel more secure when out in their local community.