Being a volunteer at women’s aid, has brought me so much joy and happiness.
My journey has been a truly remarkable and memorable experience.
I would truly encourage anyone to take on a volunteer’s role.
Being part of a fantastic team helps so much, the support is amazing.
I started my journey helping with the freedom programme, which was so interesting , helping to communicate with the women who have been through so much , the freedom programme can be upsetting for them but also can help so many recognise the signs of domestic abuse
I also helped with the recovery toolkit where at the end of the programme, it was so fulfilling to see so many of the girls feeling stronger, happier, and more empowered.
I feel so honoured to have taken part in the Halloween parties for the children.
To dress up and to see how much fun the children have is truly amazing.
To see the children have so much fun I cannot begin to say how fulfilling it is, so many happy faces.
The Christmas parties are so much fun for the children.
We dress up as elves and have Santa Claus who gives presents to the children.
To see the joy and happiness it brings is outstanding.
Volunteering for women’s aid is a remarkable experience, no words can express the happiness it brings being part of a wonderful organisation.
Thank you, Michelle, and the girls, for showing me that you can achieve so much when you become a volunteer, you all are truly amazing.
Thank you xxxx