Physical Abuse

Physical abuse within a relationship is understood to be any form of behaviour or threat to physically harm another person. It is often the most visible form of domestic abuse. It usually starts slowly and is less obvious to others but quickly escalates over time and can result in death.

Signs of physical abuse

Includes but is not limited to the following behaviours.

• Pushing, shoving, grabbing, rough handling
• punching or hitting.
• Kicks
• Scalding, burning
• strangling
• wounding to murder
• use of a weapon
• deny sleep
• enforce pregnancy; force her to have an abortion
• forcing unwanted Tattoos

Many perpetrators of physical abuse will often appear very remorseful after an incident. They will often blame the victims, others or substances such as alcohol, this is not the case. It is important to remember that the cause of abuse is a result of one person wanting to have control over another.

Need help?

In an emergency always call 999

If you are experiencing physical violence we can help. We can assist you with safety planning to keep safe even if you are planning to remain in the relationship. We can also support you to leave the relationship safely and provide  a safe place to stay in refuge.


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