Raising Her Heart Rate, To Restart Yours!

Mar 30, 2022 | Latest News

In April 2022, our very own Safe officer Jessica will be raising £1500 for life saving equipment to be put in our main refuge site. This site is crisis accommodation and is in operation 24/7, housing up to 30 women and children who are fleeing domestic abuse.

Jessica, (who wants to clarify that she is not normally anywhere near this active) will be running, swimming, cycling, and walking 100 miles through the month of April! This is an impressive challenge for anyone and I’m sure you will join us in supporting her in any way you can, whether that is sharing this post or donating what you can to help! The equipment that Jessica is fundraising for is a defibrillator. This lifesaving equipment is used to combat effects of cardiac arrest by shocking the heart back to a normal heart rate and rhythm. The national institute for health research centre suggests that the UK’s current survival rate for an incident of cardiac arrest with administrated CPR is just 12%, if treated with a defibrillator, this rises to over 70%!

Over the years we have sadly had several incidents of cardiac arrest within refuge. Although staff are well trained to deal with these incidents, this level of increased survival rate with a defibrillator is incredible and would be greatly beneficial to the women and children who are accessing refuge as well as giving our staff some security in these difficult situations. If we can raise the money, the defibrillator will be supplied by an amazing local organisation- RCT heart hero’s, who will come into the refuge and fit the equipment and then supply staff with the correct tools and knowledge on how to properly use the equipment for the maximum chance of survival.

To donate to help us obtain this equipment, click the donate button below and thank you so much for your generous donation, any donation helps us reach our goal. If you haven’t got the money, your help in sharing this message far and wide would be amazing! click ‘share’ to share this message to your social media’s or go to ours to share it through there.

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