Sam 10 was referred to the project due to witnessing his mother having numerous abusive partners, and as a result his behaviour escalating to the level he'd been arrested 3 times for anti-social behaviour.
His behaviour had become extremely controlling and physical to mum and siblings.

I met with Sam at the local community centre and he reluctantly completed his assessment with me. He stated he did not like talking or doing any activities and it was pointless, we agreed that after each session we would look at a 'fun' activity or would play a game/go online.
Sam explained how he witnessed his mum being assaulted and had witnessed his brother being kidnapped by one of mums partners. Sam wanted to appear "hard" so no one would do that to him.
When Sam was asked to share with us how he was feeling he said "Ticked off at life" "hated mum" "hated everyone"
When we explored what made Sam angry, we established he had moved 12 times, had started in numerous new schools, didn't trust mums boyfriends. Sam also blamed mum for having "bad boyfriends"
When we talked about friendships Sam shared how he was friendly with the older boys in the area "the gang" and didn't bother with the "kids at school" Sam felt it was pointless making new friends as mum would only move them again soon.

He was very confused about everything that had happened to is family, disliked his immediate family and blamed them for things that had happened. Sam was Very confused, had mixed understanding of truth and responsibility.

After a few Sessions Sam opened up about having the following "problems", anger, scared, worried, behaviour, nightmares and the past.

Throughout the 19 SESSIONS (OVER 7 MONTHS) we looked at the problems above however had focused on relationships, Sam had found a self-belief that he was now "head" of family as demonstrated by hierarchy of importance pyramid we drew on the board and that his behaviour had replicated that of his fathers and mum's other boyfriends, by the end of support mum had moved to the top. Sam could recognise that mum ultimately was "in charge", he even made a space on the pyramid for mum’s new boyfriend.

Cause, effect and respect was regularly addressed with Sam as he wouldn't accept his behaviour to start.

Sam, ironically, was reluctant to end support, he stated he liked having someone who was just there for him.


Mum's feedback was that “Sam's behaviour has improved, I can put boundaries in place and Sam isn’t ruling the family anymore. She is also having less phone calls from the school due to Sam's behaviour. At the end of support Sam;
Appeared more confident; would talk about his feelings; improved his behaviour, hadn't been arrested in 3 months, more independent, spent more time at home, got on better with his siblings and spent time with his mother without 'lashing out'.
Sam was also engaging within Play therapy sessions (counselling) at school.