There is a growing body of research which consistently shows that women who are trained in self defence are less likely to be assaulted and more likely to get away from their attacker. 

Our 6 week self defence class offers individuals an opportunity to learn the basic principles of defence including; 

  • The Law 
  • Basic holds, grips and how to escape including counter strikes
  • Individuals own emotional responses to conflict and fear
  • Understanding and controlling triggers through basic scenario work
  • Mastering your own fear, knowledge is power. 

At the end of the six week course there is a graduation session where participants are recognized for their hard work and can demonstrate their skills. 

Our courses are run by Dean and Emma who have an excellent understand of the issues faced by those we support. 

Six weeks ago I would never have believed the difference this course has made to my life. Before the course I didn't like going out alone due to fear of being attacked. I am now more confident when out walking alone as I know I have the skills to be able to breakaway. This means I can now do the things I have always wanted to do but haven't. 


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