Steps to Excellence

Steps is a 6 week accredited course provided by DARE training. It is designed to unlock your potential by encouraging you to take a fresh look at your life. It helps you to see how much you are truly capable of achieving and provide you with the tools to help you make it happen.

Regarding employability, Steps will enable you to take greater control of your work situation to become more solution focussed. It also provides a common language of vision for achievement, which extends the range of possibilities for improving the quality of life, both within the workplace and beyond.

Steps is delivered with a licensed qualified facilitator who helps participants to co-create their learning through a wide range of activities. After participating in the course participants have greater expectations of success and higher self-efficacy. Learners state they have feelings of increased self-esteem, higher levels of motivation, improved ability to set gaols and insight as to how their mind works.