IRIS project


Domestic abuse can have a considerable impact on a persons health and well-being. The effects can result in long-term chronic health problems such as high blood pressure, insomnia and eating disorders to name a few. Linking in with all GP surgeries across Cwm Taf we can offer a service to support you.  

45% of women survivors of domestic abuse reported mental or emotional problems as a result of the abuse. 

Crime Survey of England and Wales 2012/13

How does it work

All doctors surgeries across Cwm Taf have received specialist training from us to enable them to support you better in terms of domestic abuse. Working closely with each surgery is a specialist worker who can meet with you at the surgery or at a time and place that is convenient with you to discuss your needs. 

Who can get support

The project supports anyone affected by domestic abuse. The abuse can be currently happening or it may have happened some time ago. 

How to get support

You can get support at your doctors surgery in two ways by

  1. Speaking to your GP and telling them what is happening to you. They will be able to offer you support and make a referral to our specialist worker who will then contact you. 
  2. Contact us and ask to speak to Jackie Suter our IRIS worker

What happens next

Once we have received your referral information our IRIS worker will contact you in the safest way possible for you. We can arrange for an appointment to be made so that we can meet you and discuss your needs. 

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