About the project

The project aims to support the safety and well-being of women aged 50 + and who are affected by domestic abuse. The project was developed with the support of the Integrated Care Fund to meet a gap in the existing provision and aims to provide specialist, tailored services to meet the needs of older women.


Identified need

Results from our stakeholder engagement exercises tell us that

Women over 50 are 4 times more likely to choose to remain in the abusive relationship
  • 88 % of women relied on friends and family for emotional support.

  • 68 % felt accessing groups with women of a younger generation was a barrier

  • 92 % stated they were unaware of their rights

  • 92 % felt they would benefit from group programmes specifically aimed at women aged 50+
Using this information and through continued consultation with our beneficiaries our we have developed a project that is tailored to identify needs, reduce isolation and risk whilst increasing well-being
The project was launched on international older person’s day, October 1st 2017 with an afternoon tea event which took place at our main office in Pontypridd. Within the first month the project had received 22 referrals and continues to grow. Support has been provided on a one to one basis and through group activities.

Client outcomes

Through distance travelled monitoring women who have accessed the project and received support reported the following

  • 100 % felt more optimistic about their situations

  • 90 % increased ability to address problems

  • 95 % felt more relaxed

  • 100 % felt less isolated and could form positive relationships with others


Information and guidance on domestic abuse and safe guarding older people in Wales can be found here