Identifying domestic abuse at the earliest opportunity is key to keeping people safe.

The SAFE project provides an accessible service based within the local community to support those who have experienced or are currently experiencing domestic violence.

Project aims

The project aims to increase the opportunities available to victims of domestic violence by implementing early intervention and prevention strategies.

The services provided by the project build capacity by increasing the service user’s skills to identify the early warning signs of abusive behaviours within current or future relationships, increase their confidence and self- esteem and reduce isolation.


The project delivers this in a variety of ways including;

• One to one support / advocacy (short term)
• Life skills sessions including domestic abuse awareness programme and confidence building.
• Direct referral pathways to other support agencies.
• Access to legal advice and debt management surgeries.

The project enables victims of domestic violence to access information and support in a friendly and supportive environment and aims to reduce the risk to the individual, increase safety, prevent further crime and keep people safe in their own homes – breaking the cycle of domestic abuse.


Through monitoring and evaluating we are able to record the distance travelled of our beneficiaries. 

 96% stated they were able to recognise the early warning signs of abusive behaviour and felt they had increased ability to keep safe within their relationships.

 94% stated that they felt increased confidence in their ability to create a safe environment for themselves and their family.

 94% stated an increased knowledge of appropriate agencies from which they could receive support for their emotional and physical well – being.
 90 % stated they felt and increase in their confidence and self –esteem as a result of attending the sessions.


Making a referral to the project is easy. Either complete a referral form or contact Jackie or on 01443 400791.