Introducing our new 60+ project

Jul 5, 2023 | Latest News

RCT domestic abuse services are please to announce the introduction of its new 60 + project. The project is fully funded for 3 years, and will support anyone affected by domestic abuse who are aged 60+.

People age 60+ are particularly vulnerable to domestic abuse and are often unaware that help is available. Fear and long-term health conditions can be major barriers to seeking help, and sometimes spotting and challenging abuse in this age group can be difficult.


In a recent study by Safe Lives, it was reported that victims who are aged 60+

  • Are just as likely to be abused by an adult child as they are by an intimate partner;


  • On average, older victims experience abuse for twice as long before seeking help as those aged under 60 and nearly half have a disability.


  • Older victims are less likely to attempt to leave their perpetrator in the year before accessing help and more likely to be living with the perpetrator after getting support.


Our new project aims to

Raise awareness of domestic abuse

Often, domestic abuse can be masked with professionals only seeing presenting issues, e.g. bruising linked to medication or an ailment, when instead it’s physical abuse, or depression and confusion, instead actually being a sign of psychological or emotional abuse or coercive control. The project will support people to increase their knowledge and their response to domestic abuse, leading to better outcomes for individuals.

Risk assessment and safety planning

People aged 60+ are more likely to minimise their experiences, or not want to link in with services in the fear that they will get a partner or family member in trouble. We aim to support individuals to recognise the risk, share their experiences while work alongside them to improve safety.

Access to group programmes / peer support

Victims of abuse often feel isolated. Increasing social connections in a safe and comfortable environment will support individuals to increase their overall wellbeing, speaking to others in similar situations will reduce the shame and stigma people often feel.

Advocacy and support

Individual support to ensure that services are aware and acting appropriately to meet the needs of everyone.


Carly, 60 + officer says

“Recognising that something isn’t right in the relationship with a relative or partner, is an important first step. Domestic abuse is never acceptable. You don’t have to put up with it, and there is help available for you to live free from abuse and fear.”


Getting in touch

For more information on the project contact us on 01443 400791 or via email


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